Things you should consider before purchasing a Cryptonow voucher.


Cryptonow vouchers offer you a simple and secure way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Here you will find everything you need to consider before deciding to purchase one of our vouchers to ensure that nothing stands in the way of your investment in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Long-term storage of cryptocurrencies

The physical Cryptonow voucher card is not only an easy way to buy cryptocurrencies, but through the integrated Cryptonow Wallet®, you can securely store your cryptos. The Cryptonow Wallet® is an offline wallet, considered the safest way to store cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Cryptonow voucher cards are particularly suitable if you want to store your cryptos securely for the long term. With the Cryptonow app, you can track your voucher cards (without moving the balance) and thus have an overview of the value of your cryptocurrencies at all times. The vouchers are also available in digital form, making them particularly suitable as personalized gifts or for purchasing crypto after store hours.

Activation of your Cryptonow voucher

After purchasing the Cryptonow voucher, we kindly ask you to activate it on our website at During this process, you exchange the CHF balance for the respective cryptocurrency. Here you will find instructions on what to consider when activating. Please be aware that you need an internet connection and a mobile phone number for activation. Your mobile number must be registered within Switzerland or the EU. To transfer your cryptocurrency from the Cryptonow card to the Cryptonow app (referred to as "import"), you also need a smartphone capable of scanning QR codes.

Blockchain fees

It is important for us that you are aware of the costs that may incur when dealing with your cryptocurrencies. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should be aware that every transaction on the blockchain incurs fees. You should be aware of this because these fees are deducted from your crypto balance. Here you will find more detailed information on blockchain fees.

Monthly limits

Cryptonow is legally obliged to ensure that no more than 1000 Swiss francs worth of Cryptonow cards are activated per customer within a 30-day period. This means that after reaching this limit, you must wait 30 days to activate additional vouchers. This applies to both the Cryptonow voucher card and the digital voucher together. So, if you want to buy a Cryptonow voucher card or a digital voucher and then activate it immediately, ask yourself whether you have already reached your limit of 1000 Swiss francs within the last 30 days. These regulations result from a FINMA legislative amendment that has been in effect in Switzerland since 01.10.2023.

Storage of the digital voucher or the Cryptonow voucher card

It is important to securely store your private key or seed phrase, whether you are using a Cryptonow voucher card, a digital voucher, or the Cryptonow app.

We consider it important that you have full control over your cryptocurrencies. However, this entails personal responsibility, and you must ensure that your sensitive data (private key or seed phrase) are securely protected. Ensure security with a backup! Write down the app's seed phrase on a conventional piece of paper and keep it together with all your private keys in a secure place. This backup is crucial to protect your balance and ensure that it is not lost. Make sure to protect this secure location from access by other individuals and environmental influences.