A better society.
For everyone.

Money is changing.

Our world is changing rapidly. And so is money. We believe that our digital world needs digital money. Why? Because digital money has the potential to transform our financial system and create a more equal world.

The development of money from a gold bar to fiat currency to cryptocurrency
A shared system.

By breaking down barriers and decentralizing economic control, cryptocurrencies build trust between strangers and a more transparent society. They also give everyone the chance to participate in the economy on their own terms.

A unified system that combines centralization and decentralization
Imagine a better world of tomorrow
Because digital money offers direct power and freedom of choice.
Safe and simple crypto.

That’s why we created Cryptonow. And because we want this opportunity to be available to as many as possible, we made all our products and services both easy to understand and completely safe to use.

Facade of Cryptonow Group AG, which creates an easy entry into the crypto world with crypto gift cards
A person closes their eyes happily and thinks of a decentralized future
So join our mission.
Discover the decentralized financial system of the future-safe and simple crypto.
And help create a better society for everyone.