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I have been interested in the topic of blockchain for some time now. I also believe that this technology can contribute to creating a fairer world. That's why I have decided to try out cryptocurrencies myself and bought a small amount of Bitcoin.

With Cryptonow, I feel secure. My cryptocurrencies are now well protected and stored on the Cryptonow card. Additionally, thanks to Cryptonow, I always have a great gift idea :)

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I first learned about cryptocurrencies through the media. After that, I bought Ethereum and Bitcoin with a small amount myself because I was curious. Now, I eagerly follow the price developments. I could also imagine buying more cryptocurrencies if Bitcoin or other currencies become even more established. 

I like that my cryptocurrency is securely stored on my Cryptonow wallet.

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What immediately fascinated me about the topic of cryptocurrencies is that you have control over your money, unlike in traditional finance where the money is with the bank. That's why I invested in Bitcoin and later in other cryptocurrencies. For me, these are clearly long-term investments, so I don't check the price developments daily.

I remember how challenging my first purchase was, so I'm glad I found out about Cryptonow. With the Cryptonow wallet, I feel absolutely secure and know that my cryptocurrency is now safely stored for the long term.

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