How do I declare the Cryptonow gift card for tax purposes?


You own a Cryptonow gift card and want to ensure that you handle it correctly in your tax return? No problem, we'll guide you through the process and show you how to manage your cryptocurrency assets on the gift card in accordance with Swiss tax regulations.

Cryptocurrency as Assets

In Switzerland, cryptocurrency assets are generally considered as assets. This means that you must declare the value of your cryptocurrency assets on your Cryptonow gift card in the securities section of your tax return under "other assets."

Year-End Value

For accurate reporting in your tax return, the value of your cryptocurrency assets at the end of the year is relevant. In many cases, year-end exchange rates are already digitally available and can be directly incorporated into your tax return. If this information is not available, you can find a list of values on the official website of the tax authorities.

Keep Track

To properly report your cryptocurrencies, it's important to keep track of your holdings. If you store cryptocurrencies in our Cryptonow app online, you can check your balances directly in the app. If you keep your crypto balances on your Cryptonow gift card, you have the option to verify these values at any time using the wallet balance tool. Another option is to track your balance in the Cryptonow app. This way, your cryptocurrency assets are securely stored offline in your Cryptonow wallet while you can monitor their performance with the Cryptonow app.

With these steps, you can ensure that you manage your Cryptonow gift card in compliance with Swiss tax regulations and accurately include your cryptocurrency assets in your tax return.

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