Cryptonow Employees Never Ask for Sensitive Data


Cryptonow employees never ask for sensitive data such as passwords, 2FA codes, private keys, or wallet PIN codes via email or phone. Warnings are issued against potential phishing attacks, and it is emphasized that emails from Cryptonow are only sent from the domains,, and Customers are encouraged to verify the sender and report suspicious emails to ensure security.

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital finance, security is of paramount importance. As a responsible company, it is our duty to provide our customers with comprehensive protection against fraud and phishing attempts. For this reason, we want to emphasize that at Cryptonow, our employees never ask for passwords, 2FA codes, private keys, or wallet PIN codes, neither via email nor phone.

Important Notes

Financial companies and online platforms are inherently susceptible to potential security risks. As a platform for the trading and exchange of cryptocurrencies, we are aware of the responsibility to provide our customers with the highest level of security. Therefore, we have established clear guidelines that our employees must strictly follow.

Here are some important points:

  1. No Request for Sensitive Data: Our employees will never request personal data such as passwords, 2FA codes, private keys, or wallet PIN codes from our customers via email or phone. We communicate exclusively through secure channels and encrypted means of communication.

  2. Beware of Fraud Attempts: It is unfortunate that organized entities deliberately try to impersonate Cryptonow employees or sales partners to obtain sensitive data. We explicitly warn our customers against responding to such requests and always ensuring that they are dealing with a legitimate representative of Cryptonow.

  3. Verification of Email Sender: Emails from Cryptonow are sent exclusively from official domains such as,, and Please always take the time to carefully verify the sender of an email, as cybercriminals often use fake email addresses to carry out phishing attacks.

  4. Authenticated Communication: If you have doubts about whether a request is from one of our employees, do not hesitate to verify the sender's identity. To do so, please call our official customer support hotline or contact us through the secure communication channels available on the website.

  5. Raising Awareness: We actively work to raise our customers' awareness of security risks. This includes providing regular information about fraud methods, phishing, and how to effectively protect oneself.

Our Mission: Ensuring Security

Our mission is to provide our customers with a trustworthy and secure environment for trading cryptocurrencies. We take the protection of your data extremely seriously and will continue to do everything to ensure your safety.

If you ever have doubts or questions about the security of your data, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we can ensure that your experience with Cryptonow is not only smooth but also secure.