In which countries is Cryptonow available?


The article describes how Cryptonow is regulated as a financial intermediary in Switzerland to ensure compliance with local laws and requirements in the financial industry. Customer safety and satisfaction are the primary focus. Cryptonow regularly undergoes strict compliance audits to meet the highest standards.

Cryptonow Europa

Cryptonow is proud to offer its customers in Europe a safe and user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency exchange. With the upcoming implementation of the European MiCA legislation, which harmonizes the regulation of crypto providers in the EU, Cryptonow will soon be available in many countries within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Our focus is on complying with EU requirements to provide our customers with a trustworthy and smooth experience that adheres to the highest security and compliance standards. Cryptonow will continue to work closely with local financial market authorities to meet legal requirements while offering innovative crypto solutions for the retail market.

Currently, Cryptonow is already available in Switzerland. The operator of Cryptonow in Switzerland is Värdex Suisse AG, a financial intermediary regulated by VQF since 2017.

Soon, the products and services will also be available in many countries within the EU. Our mission is to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies for people in Europe and accompany them on their journey into the world of digital currencies – safely, reliably, and in compliance with EU regulatory guidelines.

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