Security tips for storing your cryptonow wallet®


This article provides helpful tips for securely storing your Cryptonow Wallet. It includes recommendations for optimal wallet storage, gently scratching off the keys, and the option of creating a backup. The goal is to ensure the longevity of the wallet and the safe storage of cryptocurrencies.

The Cryptonow Wallet is a physical card that enables secure and decentralized storage of cryptocurrencies. To ensure the integrity of the data stored on the wallet, proper storage is crucial.

The offline wallet is kept in a safe

Security Tips

  1. Protect the wallet from direct sunlight

    Direct sunlight can fade the ink printed on the wallet, making it difficult to read the keys. Additionally, strong UV exposure can damage the materials and shorten the wallet's lifespan.

  2. Store the wallet in a dry place at room temperature
    High humidity can damage the wallet's material and affect the readability of the printed data. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can also be harmful. It is advisable to store the wallet at moderate room temperatures.

  3. Be careful when scratching the Scratch-Off areas

    Use a blunt object, such as a coin, to scratch off the protective layer above the private key. Be particularly cautious to avoid damaging the private key.

  4. Consider making a backup

    For added security, you can make a photocopy of the wallet, especially the private key. This copy should be kept in a secure place. However, please note that neither the private key of your wallet nor that of your backup should be lost, and they should never fall into the hands of third parties.


By following these tips, you will ensure the longevity and security of your Cryptonow Wallet storage. This guarantees a long-term and secure investment in cryptocurrencies. Now, enjoy investing and storing your cryptocurrencies for the long term!