Error message: Wallet ID or PIN code incorrect


When activating Cryptonow gift cards, you may sometimes encounter the error message "Incorrect wallet ID or PIN code." In such situations, you should carefully compare the characters with the data printed on the card, especially similar characters like "i" and "l" or "0" and "O." Accidentally swapping the wallet ID and the PIN code can also be a common source of error.

It can happen that customers receive the error message "Wallet ID or PIN Code incorrect" when trying to activate their Cryptonow voucher card, even though they believe they have entered the characters correctly. In such cases, we recommend some helpful tips to resolve the issue independently:

1. Compare the characters carefully:

Sometimes, certain characters may resemble each other in different fonts, leading to confusion. Therefore, recheck the entered characters and compare them carefully with the characters printed on the Cryptonow voucher card.

2. Pay attention to similar characters: Pay particular attention to similar-looking characters such as:

  • An uppercase "I" is always an uppercase I and no number "1"

  • The number zero "0" can look like an uppercase "O," and vice versa

By considering similar characters, most customers can resolve the issue and successfully activate the voucher cards.

3. Do not swap Wallet and PIN Code

Ensure that you do not swap the Wallet and PIN Code – make sure to enter the 6-digit Wallet ID and the PIN Code characters into their respective fields. Accidentally swapping the information can result in an error message even if the entered characters are correct.

Therefore, carefully verify which information belongs in each field to ensure the successful activation of the Cryptonow voucher card.

Still not working?

If, despite carefully matching the similar characters, you're still facing issues with activating your Cryptonow gift card, don't worry. Our customer support is here to assist you and help resolve the issue. Please don't hesitate to contact us because we're here to support you and ensure you have a smooth experience with Cryptonow.