How can I import my Cryptonow Wallet card?


You can import your cryptocurrency from your Cryptonow Wallet card into our Cryptonow app with just a few clicks. This way, the cryptos are stored on the online Cryptonow App, and you can access and sell them at any time.

In the Cryptonow App, there is an option to import the Cryptonow Wallet to send or sell cryptocurrency values through the application. The Private Key of your Cryptonow Wallet is read, and the cryptocurrency values are transferred to the app. It's important to note that depending on the cryptocurrency, blockchain transaction fees may apply to the transfer. This process provides flexibility to manage your cryptocurrencies through the app and conduct transactions flexibly.

Step-by-Step Guide

Cryptonow App wallet import
  1. Open your Cryptonow app on your smartphone and tap on “Import”.

  2. Now, select the cryptocurrency you want to import.

  3. Scan the private key of your wallet that you want to import or enter the secret words.

Cryptonow App wallet import

4. You will see a message at the top confirming that the Private Key has been successfully scanned.

5. Tap “Finish import”.

6. You will now see a message at the top confirming the successful import.

Helpful Note:

Please note that after the import, it may typically take 10–90 minutes for the cryptocurrency to be visible in the app. You may need to restart the app after this time to view your cryptocurrency in the app.